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QRSTF Registration

QRSTF Registration

Empty Display - at Loyalist-waiting for projects to be set up.

Registration for the 2023 QRSTF will be at mystemspace.ca Go to Create an Account. Watch the video or follow from the pdf (Updated-complete) and follow along. Make sure you select "Quinte" as your region.

Please keep checking back. Things will be changing regularly up until registration in 2023. We are working hard to create a easy and safe registration area.

Important Dates:

Date of Fair  
Registration System Opens  
Registration system Closes  
Registered participants are posted on the website  
Winners are posted on the website  
Judges registration opens  
Judges registration closes  
Judge assignments and schedule are available to judges  
Special Awards self-nomination opens  
Special Awards self-nomination opens  

Paper PDF version of the video -now updated with the complete guide

Projects to help you register and create a project on the ProjectBoard

Step 1: Creating your account on mySTEMspace
Step 2: Creating your project on ProjectBoard
Step 3: Submitting your project to a Regional Science Fair

Registration Process:

The Registration Portal will be active from March 10th to March 30th, 2022.

In order to participate in the QRSTF and upload your project, you must complete an online application, prepare your project display using Project Board and remember registration is free this year

It is important to carefully follow the registration steps listed below, to ensure your project and personal information is captured in our system. Proper registration will ensure that you (1) have a specific area to set up your project, (2) are eligible for awards, and (3) are included in the judging process.
Students who do not complete their applications by the deadline, or do not follow the following instructions, will not be accepted as a fair participant.

1. Go to Create Account - mySTEMspace | mySTEMspace and create an account and follow the instructions. Complete the information completely.

2. Once you have an account and have gotten to the platform.

3. Do the survey on the left side. Complete all parts of it

4. Self-nominate yourself for the special awards and send the results back to qrstf@live.com

5. Complete the permission form for the fair. It must be in before the 30th and for you to be eligible for taking part and awards.


Rules and Regulations


* A completed application to the Quinte Regional Science and Technology Fair (QRSTF) must be received
* A teacher’s signature (or parent/educator if home-schooled) is required to register a project.
* By signing the consent form, the participant(s), parent/guardians and teacher agree that the project shall follow these rules and regulations.
* If one of the students in a pair project lives or attends a school belonging to a different Regional Science Fair, the students must select a single Regional Science Fair to apply to.
* If the students in a pair project are from different age categories, then they shall register the project in the age category of the older student.

* If you already have an account, do not create a new one. Use the orginal one. .


* The project shall only be the work of one or two students from start to completion. Projects and work done by more than two students at any point in the project’s development are not permitted.
* A project worked on at any point by two students cannot register as a single person project.
* A participant may not present more than one project each year, and may not display or reuse an identical project from a previous Regional Science Fair.
* A project presented at any Regional Science Fair in the past may not be presented again unless there is a substantial expansion or extension of the previous investigation or design process. The project must only present work completed since the previous Regional Science Fair, though previous work may be referenced.
* Students must follow the Safety Rules.
* Students must follow the Ethics Standards.
* Ethics Pre-Approval is mandatory for all projects using animal and human participants.

Student Expectations

* Participants are expected to be available for all judging sessions on ___________. There may be multiple judging sessions. There are also a number of judges for special awards.

* Students are representing their school so additional expectations may apply.

Start your Projects.. Stay calm and research on !


1. Registration will take part - starting __________ and ending _________________
2. Students should be doing their projects and recording all data
3. Start planning their project and presentation for explaining their project
4. We are diligently working on creating a safe atmosphere for the return of in-person.
5. When the Registration is ready we will be sending out a notification for the students to register.
6. The science fair will take place.

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