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QRSTF Information

QRSTF Information

This website has been created to help the students of the Quinte Area to find help and information on the> Quinte Regional Science and Technology Fair, how to participate and what are the necessary guidelines to make the experience fun. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or you wish to contribute or volunteer>

QRSTF MedalsObjectives of QRSTF:
2.1. To receive and maintain a fund or funds and to apply all or part of the principal and income therefrom, from time to time for the following charitable purposes:
2.1.1. to support the development and promotion of enhanced education opportunities in science, engineering and technology for students and teachers in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.
2.1.2. To advance education generally within Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.
2.1.3. to organize and operate an annual regional fair for the exhibition and competition of scientific, engineering and technology projects submitted by students from grades four to twelve from any school, public or private, as well as home schooled students, from the Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.
2.1.4. to support the participation of students from Hastings and Prince Edward Counties in the Quinte Regional Science and Technology Fair, the Canada-wide Science Fair, the International Science and Engineering Fair and in other international science fairs such as the “Google Science Fair”.

We are an Incorporated Non-profit Charitable Organization made up of completely volunteers. Our organization relies on the generosity of the organizations, instutions, schools, and staff in our area. For over 60 years we have provided a platform in the way of a regional science fair for the students of the area so that they may learn, succeed, gain confidence and become the leaders of tomorrow.

QRSTF Gold MedalHow you can help
1. Ask us how we can help support your Science Fair.
2. Join the Quinte Regional Science and Technology Fair
3. Become a Judge
4. Volunteer to help at a Science Fair
5. Join the QRSTF committee
6. Donate to the Quinte Regional Science and Technology Fair - Contact us at qrstf@live.com

Please contribute to the new Quinte Regional Science and Technology Fair

We have always greatly appreciated the many volunteers' contribution to the success of our fairs because of the integrity, professionalism and dedication they bring to the process. We hope this relationship and source of judges will continue for many years to come, however, this year we have additional opportunities available to interested parties. We are currently recruiting additional committee members. We are actively seeking five to eight new members. For more information on the available positions, please visit the link below.

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